It's time to own #NoSexZone: The Dope Woman's GPS For Navigating Celibacy.

In this 15-page workbook you'll create a customized vaca away from humpsville; sure to gift you with clarity, self-discovery and bomb energy.

Celibacy can glow you up without feeling like a crime. All it takes is a good guide to keep your badass anchored.

Slay on a deeper level. 

A fresh approach to celibacy for today's dope woman.

To me, the c word isn't a one-size-fits-all sentencing built for conservatives only. Nah yo. 

Celibacy can be personalized and of major benefit for the regular degular schmegular girl.

 I've been unfiltered about my own sabbatical and understand the complications. 

So whether for a month or hella months, if you're interested in celibacy...

do know the journey gets bumpy even without the grind. 

However, the #NoSexZone GPS will steer you back to smooth terrain till you reach that sweet finish line.

Create + commit to an anchoring why.

Because temptation is a helluva salesman even if the price is unaffordable...

Determine the right boundaries. 

Because oral sex and thangs can get mighty slippery...

Know when it's best to press play again.

Because we all learn at different paces and that's okay...

It's true, even when we know our spirit is nudging us to fall back, celibacy can feel more like punishment than empowerment.

But that's only if you're lost... 

You deserve a glowing chapter of celibacy. Let's map this out.

Necole Kane, founder of

I believe celibacy can play a huge role in the journey to self-acceptance and clarity. What I love about Tracy's No Sex Zone is it's not only a "GPS for navigating celibacy," but it also helps women identify what has led them to this point in their lives as well as WHY. It includes all the tools necessary for a "a-ha" moment so you're able to return to the dating game with purpose. If you are tired of losing a piece of yourself in meaningless sex and want to trade in lust for real love, this workbook is a good starting point. 

Bruna Nessif, founder of

No Sex Zone is the perfect tool for women who have ever found themselves feeling that stinging sense of emptiness after engaging in casual sex. Without being preachy, Tracy's workbook will help you get to the nitty-gritty of why those feelings continuously occur and how celibacy may be a beneficial approach to getting that self-love and dope energy back on track.  


Tracy G. is an edutainer who aids millennial glow getters in self-talk enhancement via her brand She's Beauty And The Beast.  

Since 2016, Tracy has shared her experiences and tips for detangling love vs. lust with over 24,000+ ears through her audio vision boards, sold-out workshop and popular podcast episodes — No Sex Zone part one + No Sex Zone part two. 

Tracy has been praised by Refinery29, ABC News, Elite Daily and was dubbed a 2018 Millennial Love Leader by ESSENCE Magazine.

Listen to Tracy speak about The Weird and Wonderful World of Celibacy + Post-Celibacy Feels